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Sineo Microwave Chemistry Technology Co., LTD (formerly named Shanghai XinKe Institute of Microwave Digestion and Test Technology) is founder and leader of microwave chemistry technology in China. Started from 1994, Sineo has been focusing on developing advanced microwave chemistry instrument with more than 20 patented  technology and over 7000 end users around the world.  Sineo has long been recognized as a major contributor to innovation of Microwave Sample Preparation technology.


Sineo has been striving to innovate and develop new technologies in microwave chemistry as well as analytical chemistry areas. Sineo's instruments are known for their safety, reliability, convenient operation and comprehensive after-sales support, because of which they are four times awarded BCEIA Gold Prize product by China Association for Instrumental Analysis (CAIA) (1997, 2003 and 2009) . Now Sineo's product has been shipped to over 30 countries and regions around the world including USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, India, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Taiwan, etc.


Sineo and its products have taken part in many National Standard and Directive's preparation, e.g. <The Cosmetics Sanitation Criterion>(Ministry of Health);<Testing Methods for Regulated Substances in Electronic Information Products>(Ministry of Information Industry); <Test Method for heavy metal in Chinese traditional medicine >(Pharmacopoeia of The People's Republic of China) and<Iron and steel -Standard Method for determination of aluminum and boron content>(Central Iron and Steel Research Institute).  Sineo's microwave digestion instrument has been recognized by many analytical industries as the first choice of sample preparation instrument.  Sineo was the first vender in China developing microwave synthesis instrument, today these instruments have been equipped in various institutes and universities around the world.


Aiming for international market, Sineo has been certified by SGS for both ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and CE product certificate. With continuous development of new technology, Sineo is extending its product line to new environment instrument - Speed tester of Organics in water, which will provide a new fast and convenient solution to monitor and test organic pollution in water environment.