Sineo will launch its TANK-Eco digester this June

Author:互联网 Time:2021-05-07

Sineo will launch its TANK-ECO digester for international customer June, 2021. Our sales of TANK-ECO began in December 2020 and grew quickly in popularity. To this day, it became the second most popular model among Sineo Microwave family, and we see TANK-ECO be leader of the new generation of digesters. 

In the last 5 years have seen the number of third part test house and QC lab of enterprise in China doubled, with the inevitable growing of growth in the demand of heavy metal analysis. It is similar the same world wildly. It is important to for us to understand customer need and provide analysts with high performance , easy handling and trustable pretreatment unit.Our customer favor using Sineo's product over other brands for better digestion performance (thanks to Sineo's unique high pressure vessel design), long time operation durability and very few cost for maintenances and consumables.

TANK ECO Microwave Digester combines the nearly 30 years of R&D experience of Sineo, and is built for a wide range of market applications. It is widely used in heavy metal detection, organic pollutant extraction, and material synthesis. TANK-ECO is fully flexible with all latest technologies like IR /fiber optical sensor for all vessels, both choice for high pressure vessel /self venting design, Android system, cloud service,