Sineo attended India’s largest AgriBusiness Show

Author:互联网 Time:2015-08-30

Sineo and its India distributor-AIC attended “Grain Tech India 2015” 21-23 August in Bangalore, India.It is one exhibition of the India’s largest AgriBusiness Show, and our booth received more than 1000 visitors.


India has the second largest popular in the world, thus agriculture is extremely important in India to safely feed its people. Toxic and heavy metals is a crucial for the food safety and microwave digestion plays an important role in the sample pretreatment. During the show, government institutes, private companies, third part test house all rushed into our booth to see our demo and new launched quartz vessel system.


Sineo’s goal is to be top manufacturer in microwave, we devote to make microwave workstation that is safety and convenient in operation, high in efficiency and durable in use. In India, Sineo began our collaboration with AIC since 2008 and these 7 years witness Sineo’s big increase. AIC has four branches in Kolkata, Delhi,Mumbai, and Hyderabad,it provide fast and professional service to our customers. Till today, we have more than 150 reference customers, and Sineo’s reputation is well accepted here now.