Sineo‘s second Pittcon show in New Orleans

Author:互联网 Time:2015-03-14

Sineo Microwave participated in Pittcon 2015in New Orleans, LA, USA this week (March 09-12) with distributor in USA --Buck Scientific. During the show, Sineo exhibits JuPiter-A microwave digester,which launched last year as a smart pretreatment unit with safety andconvenient in operation, high in efficiency and durable in use.


Sineo began its business in US four yearsago and this is the second time that we participate in Pittcon. These fouryears witness Sineo’s fast growth in the North American as well as otherregions. Till now, Sineo already had an international customer base of 500+ inmore than 60 countries. Buck Scientific is our partner in American, it has focusedon AAS for more than 30 years and has great reputation in the industry. Thanks tothem, Sineo embraces the American market more quickly and tightly.


Sineo & Buck, we are partners

During the show, Jupiter-A receives verygood feedback for US visitors for 1) our multiple vessel choice for differentapplication need. (Sineo presents the quartz vessel and it can sustainultrahigh temperature, transparent for monitoring, H2SO4 durability, etc.); 2) consumable-freedesign, that significantly reduce the operation cost; 3), price-performanceadvantages., that Sineo’s workstations provide the same digestion performancewith only half price of its American counterpart.

Jupiter-A microwave digestion workstation 

Sineo strive to innovate and we are soproud of our product that is known as a symbol of safety, reliability and conveniency. Sineo Microwave, We Do Better.